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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Linear and Non-Linear Storytelling

You read a linear story. You navigate a non-linear story.

Some say an avatar is a cursor. Others, a set of eyes. Whatever, it is the instrument of character. I am interested in telling stories and only for that, simulation. Fidelity to the story is more powerful than fidelity to the subject but the balance of these determines the raw emotive expression.


o Understanding a URL as a name is Web 1.0.

o Understanding a URL as a control is 2.0.

o Understanding a control in a scene is Web 3.0.

o Understanding controls in situations/scenarios is Web 4.0.

o Understanding scenarios as shapers of human behavior is Web 5.0.

Situation-space: real-time 3D with proximity/location based relationships over materials and audio. The situation determines the class of application.

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