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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Of Electric Sheep and Our Dreams

Something to chew: when Google/YouTube displays a video, below it there is a strip of ostensibly related videos. They might be by artist after the first selection, but the first row presented is the indexing engine’s choice of choices. My new video has been up less than three days. When I checked that index selector, in the first row were five anti-war songs including three new ones and Edwin Starr’s War. The engine is using not just the video, but also the text around it. The thought surrounding the thought acts as a metadata vector pushing these videos toward each other like balls on springs connected at the ends.

The selection is topical and emotionally consistent. And the *computer* chose that. It is a playlist as consistent as many people would select except it has millions of choices to choose from before it presents a choice of 14 choices. This is a second order effect. It is emergent.

Emergent choice is a hallmark of thought. Deep breath….

Might be time to get out the preemergence bottle and spread it around those tubers.

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