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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Worst Guild Member

The new season of The Guild is up. If you don't know already, guess who the new bad guy is.

With Fawkes, Felicia Day may be close to writing the Worst Guild Member: someone whose understanding of her consistently breaks the magic circle, refuses to suspend disbelief, and plays not because he believes in gaming, but because he can't be bored for long and comes to see her as something more extraordinary than Codex: he sees Cyd Sherman.

Even if not Fawkes, at some point in imaginary story space, Codex will find herself confronted with someone who cares nothing about The Guild but is totally infatuated with her skills as a musician. That person will shatter her gamer gestalt even if the encounter is very brief. If witnessed by her guild members it may shatter theirs as well wherever it includes her because few social circles can tolerate someone whose personal achievements are so far beyond theirs that they can never match it. Total admiration and total resentful jealousy are a cognitive toxic spell even among very close friends.

Of course none of that is funny and is likely more autobiographical for Day than the story can sustain or she will write.

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