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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

He's Mad! He's Bad! He's BACCCCKKK!!

It seems those who are annointed keep being greased. IBM is proud that Mad Bad Irv has been picked to be part of Obama's A-Team. I sure hope Irv has a Bad Van for the band members. So IBM insiders who managed to derail the virtual worlds industry standards with high dollar hob-nailed boots only to discover that Second Life is a porn festival and that they need their own private islands to exchange avatars are about to trumpet that success to the White House.

One can see that future policies of top-down government will be shaped by bottom-up memes of software development. We will try to apply some of the same ideas that have actually failed badly in one market to governance of a super power. I guess we should start giving away our armaments to our enemies in hopes that having a thousand eyes on them will improve their designs and capabilities.

Let's wait to see how the Open Standards and Open Source Consortiums work with the Chicago Mob and the Haight Had-It-Once-But-Never-Since crowd to blame failures in the Obama administration on Microsoft.

It ought to be a hoot.

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