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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Too Dumb To Live

Google is closing the doors on Lively. I can accept that yet another big company has discovered it's own business culture and model isn't suited to running virtual rooms. A lot of companies shouldn't get into that business.

What I can't accept is that the virtual artists so blithely disregard the need to be able to recover the content. Videos and screenshots are insulting as a means to save high dollar hard to replicate 3D content. It just won't do.

Yet time and time again, the users defend the platform and the company and sneer in the general direction of content standards. It's like watching skydivers get into a creaky biplane and sneer at the man packing their parachutes.

I have to say it. In all of my years of working in hypermedia technology, the virtual worlds content industry is the dumbest group of artists in the world. They are all attitude and taste with chicken wings.

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Anonymous said...

let's be fair...
the "artists" whos intelligence youre questioning are as only a dumb as the investors and programmers-biz dev marketers-company leads, that run the platforms/services/tools for license offered.

has the virtual worlds --cough cough-"industry" ever really even happened- the answer still is NO.

but be fair about whos acted dumb.;) and which "open standard" for web3d actually has any realistic commercial offerings for the content makers willing to invest time and money into web3d as a commercial media for their own businesses interests first?

frankly, that story of web3d ( the vrml/x3d story) is today only a past fiction. What the future holds for that story is uncertain, but the "dumbness" shown by many over the last 13 years is still a mass "condition".