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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lively In Name; Lanky By Birth

I'm curious to see if Lively will integrate with Blogger.

Probably not but hey, it's all XML right?

Son of a bitch. It works. COOOOLLLL!!

I downloaded and visited some of the worlds. Ummm... clunky. The navigation is subpar for any world I've been in since '97. (Ahm jus an old schooler.) The basics are there but they are very basic. On the plus side, I could look at the technology without joining Facebook. I'm not a social network kind of guy but I'll do it to test Vivaty.

Still, Lively has the effect of saying the bigCo software and services companies have to take 3D on as an indexed medium and that is good for the market by any measures except interoperability.

Good to see it. Scoble asks if "3D will stick this time". It will but I think it has to get better than this before we know which 3D will stick. I can build worlds in X3D that make the stuff in Lively pale. Waybetter.

But ... not and put it on a Google server or embed it in my blog. And that's the rub. Where server farms lock out quality content to protect brands they own, they disable over enabling.
And the web prospers by enablers. It's an inclusive hypermedia by design even if social networks are self-limiting.

My Blog: My World. I Build Worlds. My Blog: My World. Ok?

But very cool, Googlers. This 3D old timer says "Thanks!"

Nunc dimittis. ;-)

1 comment:

Reed Hedges said...

Good avatar poses, etc.

Also, nice ease of entry if you already have a google log in.

Is it integrated with your gmail/talk contact lists?

Anyone know if this was a Google acquisition or if they developed it themselves?

Looks like you can't import your own objects yet, though I assume they will add it eventually. Will be interested to know how they do that, if you can just load in a Sketchup file or what, and if they add animation to SketchUp.