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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good Bye Mellow Slick Toad

Google took the path long predicted as the fastest for dominating 3D On The Web. Screw the open aspects of interoperability and user-contributed content and just field a content library with a small footprint add-in.

So much for the IBM alliance. It will be fun to see who decides to ally with whom now that there is an unbeatable monopolist at the door: The Googler. Second Life becomes soooo last year. Oooh... Vivaty? One hopes but it's tough to push back competitively against a competitor with that much money, that much reach, and that much third-party illegal but litigated content in the library. Let's see what the terms for YouTube content evolve into as well as other in-world displayable content from the Google servers.

And once again, the trailblazers will be pushed aside into the anonymity of PageRank long tail hell and left to die there while a new history is written with preselected winners as The Innovators. Too bad. History loses to cash on hand.

Now it comes down to finding out if people really do want a 3D web in which there isn't that much to do but stand around and chat about each other's avatars. Well, that and watch YouTube together which isn't all that bad because not only can Viacom see what you are watching, they can find out who you watched it with and what you did *virtually* while watching. It gets more interesting as the behavior repetoire gets bigger and more refined.

Sad. The web keeps repeating its birth cycle step for narcissistic step.

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