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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vivaty: A Smart Idea

The Media Machines announcement of rebranding itself as Vivaty, a consumer services vendor, is a very smart move.


The notion that the 3D Web could be created in a single vendor's big iron server farm has always been flawed. Web emergence is organic in conception and nature. By providing consumer services for unified communications through a Facebook widget, Vivaty is pioneering the real 3D web where the topology is determined by the choices of real people as they select their partners on the network.

By using the X3D standard, Parisi and company are making good on the promises of a decade ago that the 3D web would not be captured by a single company or vendor. The best deal for artists is the ability to sell their content into multiple markets at different scales. This is the best lifecycle approach possible for the long term as well as the more lucrative free market where prices will adjust to demand.

The work on the X3D Network Sensor takes center stage now. The ability to build portals into these worlds so that hookups are also self-selected and avatars can move among the worlds given the H-Anim standard means that language-based interoperability will be a reality sooner rather than later.

This has legs.

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