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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So Will That Be Lindens or Real Money?

From the House hearing on virtual worlds:

"Virtual worlds and spaces are quickly becoming powerful tools with the potential to transform enterprise and government processes..." IBM Vice President Colin Parris told the panel.

Maybe, but IBM won't be getting the contracts. They've been suspended from getting Federal contracts.


After all the hoopla IBM generated in the standards world over OOXML and Microsoft 'ethics', this is distinctly ironic. After the big financial push from IBM last year to create interoperability standards that seduced Linden Labs only to see SL pushed aside in favor of the Beltway-originated, CIA financed Forterra, one would think it is time for Congress to consider standards in virtual worlds instead of insider deals.


If the web had been created the way these parties have set out to do it, Microsoft and Unisys would own it.

Maybe they can get Obama Girl to dance on Colin's desk.

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Bill said...

I don't get this Forterra deal. Forterra is the federal split of There.com --- which has failed correct? The press release talks to different Intel agencies meeting in virtual conference rooms to do powerpoint --- I've worked around, and with spooks --- this is just absurd! Surely there is something not being disclosed here beside avatars meeting to do powerpoint?