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Friday, March 7, 2008

Haptics: Fun Is Where You Find It Or Allow It

Popular Mechanic has a piece discussing research and products about haptics. I've kept up with the field sporadically since the days we worked on HumanML and created a class for haptics in the schema.

In the application of dildonics, I think I understand why some people want this even though I live in a state that outlawed such applications. I have to wonder if gamers really do want to be punched in the chest when a virtual bullet strikes them. Will real bruises enhance or diminish the fun?

Good read. The virtual world shopping applications can certainly use this. Buying a dress for an avatar and getting the real one via Fed-Ex sounds good until you realize most people really do need to feel fabric first. If this technology improves the fidelity of the virtual feel, it will sell a lot of stuff.

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