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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Testing River of Life and Watching Looney Tuens

I tested the River of Life against a broadband connection last night. As I suspected, I have some texture names to go find and fix the case of the file types. Ah the joys of going from the liberal XP to the conservative linux/unix platforms... I'll get to that tonight so wait to load the world. The load time was about five minutes on a good connection (sound files and a not-so-great ISP). Don't try it on dial up. It looked great though in the Bit Management browser. Cortona apparently chokes. I haven't tried Flux but if anyone does, let me know how that goes. ROL is an opportunity to try various browsers against a world that is compliant but where size and complexity push the browser architecture hard. So as a shake test, it is a pretty good way to compare.

On a different topic, for fun, there is an article discussing the IBM Italy employee plans to strike in Second Life for higher wages. One would want to be a fly on Gertsner's office wall for that discussion.

It just doesn't get zanier than that. Perhaps we should be having more fun and not doing as much business in virtual worlds. It seems natural that business in a cartoon devolves to Looney Tunes rather quickly.

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