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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Version of River of Life is Posted: Please Test

The new version of The River of Life world is now posted at this link.

There are usually some problems with a fresh release (caps in titles, etc.). If you load the world and find these, please post them to me here. I'll be testing as well. This world is encoded in VRML97. I will convert it to X3D once this version works.

Note that the world was built by hand using the Bit Management Contact browser. I have not tested it on other VRML browsers lately. If you do, let me know how that goes. The worlds have been through Chisel and are error free to the best of my knowledge. There are still warnings and non-conformance messages given the tight restrictions of Chisel, but other wise it runs.

One favor: please don't pilfer the sound files. Those are samples under fair use and this is a not-for-profit world. All of the artists are listed in the credits.


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