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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cross Breeding XML: Take A Walk On The Wild Side

This is what holds us down in some ways. Go read the comments on Tim Bray's blog (Flashier) www.tbray.org/ongoing. I'm not fussing with anyone on this one but it brings us to a topic of some interest to XMLers: isn't the point to be able to use the XML as WE see fit?

Scoble is right.

Those who say that a web site should only be forms or limited graphics miss the fun. Take an ASP.Net culture class and use it to generate personality phrases for X3D blogBots. The creation of site personalities asking and responding to mundane forms input for mundane interactions could be great fun.

It isn't bad web design. It is entertaining web design.

Jakob Nielsen and the rest of the 'web must be simple' community miss out on the fun of real-time interactive app building. Why not cross-breed XML technology such as the .NET culture object and an XML 3D library for real-time bots? Hey, that's cheap and it rocks. Why not enjoy it? Different strokes for different folks as the oldsters say, and there are platform wars but one of the big points for markup was to get beyond this nonsense in the content and make whatever we frikkin' want to make.

Pick up your prize. You Tube, Facebook, yadda yadda all get the crucial point: the web can be fun.


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Alex said...

Len, good point - we need simple open XML markup that can be parsed into X3D/VRML - hacking away prototype like that just now - X3D blog micro-worlds.