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Friday, October 26, 2012

What If Mitt Wins?

From today’s Washington Post
Dismal support for Republicans among minorities is a long-term problem for the GOP in a rapidly diversifying nation. Fully 91 percent of Romney’s support comes from white voters.

It is what I feared four years ago. By overhyping then overrequiring, the left created a perfect fail scenario for Obama. All the Repugs had to do was make sure no one cooperated with him the same way the same types shut out the smart guy in an office where a social clique has taken over.

On top of that, the race card used in the last election created a force that rebounded reversing social gains made and creating a perception that it is ok to say he failed, then vote against him while hiding racist motivations. See rants about Colin Powell from Sununu. Now they feel vindicated and empowered to vote their worst habits and reinforce their worst natures. See Fascism.

That isn’t the worst of it. If Obama loses on race, the aggregate minorities and progressive backlash in the next term will be terrifying both in the US and across the world. The White Uptight will lie and deny but no one will be buying it and our adversaries will exploit it to maximum advantage. The hard right will reply with bluster and militarism. The diplomatic gains made in the last four years will evaporate as it becomes clear for the first time that not only can our government not be trusted, but the American people as well. For the first time in our history, the world will truly turn on America.

Epic fail, folks. I pray Ohio sees the future and decides to reverse Romney’s gains.

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