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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Beyond the incalculable blunder of the name (yes, our office jokes about this are the same as yours):

UPDATE: Thanks to Rob Koberg who sent this link, that point has been illustrated humorously by someone. Gotta love the web when it reacts fast and with the right spirit.

  • I've heard the cooing about consumers of books. I don't need it. I don't read that often.

  • I've heard the speculation about audio/midi. Thanks, I've got lots of those.

  • I've heard the games-du-jour rants. Thanks, I don't play games.

  • It's very cool. No thanks. I hate my cell phone.

  • You can watch hi-rez movies. No thanks. I have a Very Large Flatpanel for that and I can't drive and watch dinky 4:3 TV.

  • You're not our target demographic. Oh thank God for that.

  • $499 is CHEAP. Maybe, but only $999 is functional and I don't need a cute paperweight with hi-rez sparkles even if it sparkles for ten hours.

  • Arlo and Felicia are getting one. Good. She can ride on the back of his Indian and read to him. He'll like that.

  • YAG (yet another gadget). As the fellow said at CNet, iPass.

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    Len Bullard said...

    Fair enough. Doesn't mean we can't tell jokes.