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Saturday, April 18, 2009

IrishSpace: The Movie

In the early days of VRMLs a group of volunteers from across the world met every day and night online for three and half months to create the world's first virtual reality epic. The IrishSpace project succeeded as it was premiered to the world at the first Irish National Space Exhibition. It was shown to Astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Irish Deputy Prime Minister.

This is a video version of the IrishSpace episode, Leaving Earth.

Produced by the IrishSpace Team for the Kerry County Museum, Tralee SW Ireland. John Griffin at the helm, narrative and music, len bullard and ground level sound, art direction and master animation guru, Paul Hoffman at digital space arts.

This is a taste of things to come, just a test run of the toys. I will make the full IrishSpace movie as we planned over a decade ago. A good plan it was.

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Beilby said...

Heh wow! After all these years, good to see you again Len. I was active back in those heady days of VRML - when corporates killed the 3d web star.

I remember Irish Space from the vrml list.

It makes me weep that still no robust candidate for a 3D web has risen to killer app popularity. Our desktops now have 1000 times the power of the SGs we lusted after back then, but the only 3d is in proprietary games engines.

Ah well. Have you seen Gmod, the HL2 mod on steam. That is an awesome 3d environment to play in - but again you are limited to the game client, and not the web.