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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Guild: Felicia Day

I sat down and watched some episodes last night. I'm a late comer to this party.

This is insightful. From the first scene where her shrink is firing her for not working on herself, to the last where her spirit flees from her, Miss Day reveals the irony of the online life that becomes life as her isolation in the game gives way to real problems, needs and people. In this story, what the shrink criticizes, her story justifies. Regardless of the games played, real people communicating draw closer and become real friends. This is life.

Her character becomes her, not the other way around as critics of the gaming culture would have us believe. Her choices are good choices. Her shrink is wrong. She is of her times, in her times, growing up online becoming aware of just how much greater is the space she evolves in. Her day is of the day.

Felicia Day gives me hope. The first generation of imaginative, professional, clever and innovative storytellers on the web have arrived and the medium is in good hands.

Excellent. We baby boomers are about to hoe to the end of our row. Felicia Day proves the garden goes on.

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