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Monday, March 2, 2009

Eden: A VRML97-compatible Platform for Game Development

Kingsley Ndiewo Ouko sent mail saying:

Take a look at my site: www.funtrench.com and especially the blog at blog.funtrench.com. Feel free to leave a comment or get back to me. I would be honored to get some advice on what we're working on from an industry insider. And thanks a lot for your time.

Len asks:

Are you using conforming VRML or X3D for a file format import or export?

Kingsley Ndiewo Ouko says:

We use VRML 97 (I think that's 2.0) which we export from Blender3D and then convert into formats suitable for our rendering framework. The quality of the output is more than acceptable.

We'll be availing Eden for free download within the next fortnight I believe. Perhaps you will find it useful, or at the very least critique it. The Eden framework is mainly for game developers. The browser end will have a plugin that allows games made using Eden to be played right inside the browser.

Because Eden allows programming of games fully in Python without any performance degradation, we intend to capture the interest of the Python community in 3D game development.

I haven't looked into this platform yet, but excellent news. Fresh teams!

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