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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vivaty Create

This is good news.

Calling All 3D Content Creators!

We are excited to announce the launch of Vivaty Create, the pilot phase of our new developer program. Whether you create 3D designs in Max, Maya, Google Sketchup or anything else that exports to COLLADA, you can now submit your content to win prizes and get featured in Vivaty Scenes. Read more about submission guidelines and prizes at developer.vivaty.com

I won a contest like this many moons ago which earned me a free copy of IDS's V-Realm Builder. That editor was my onramp to building 3D. Now Vivaty gives away it's editor which is the rebranded Flux Studio I've blogged earlier in this series. If you want to get into 3D editing and you don't have the money or will to invest in the high dollar editors like Maya, this is a great product to use.

3D isn't easy but it can be cheap. Give this a try. If you are a new builder, here's an opportunity to start making a name for yourself.

The idea Vivaty will open up its server space for author content is exciting for the Facebook space. I think it's a lot more exciting to have a Facebook page with all of its gadgets plus a 3D room one builds and shapes. As this symbiotic environment unfolds, there are fantastic possibilities for markets and education.

The usual problems of moderation (see Second Life) will also reemerge. We'll see how this goes. But for years 3D world builders tried to build commercial malls and they failed. What Second Life taught us was we needed to build parks and the malls will follow. It's not presence but affinity that powers the symbiotic effect.


Omind said...

Q:What can be better than a free, intuative modeling program?A;Adding a place to put your models.
The great thing is that this will have both. And in an open standard environment that some of us are already familiar with. I remember Spazz, VizX, and Flux fondly and still have my copies of Cosmo Worlds and Platinum VR Creator. (Alas, the latter doesn't seem to like SP3) I am not a fan of "in world" building so this is certainly appealing.

archiz said...

3D is popular everywhere now. web, game, exhibition, logo....