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Monday, March 24, 2008

ANN: Web3D Elects New Board

This came in the mail today. I won. Wow! Open a keg of nails, Ma!!

The Web3D Consortium announces the results of their general elections for representatives to the board of directors.

Congratulations to Donald Brutzman and Michael Moody our charter board members.

Congratulations to Alan Hudson, Nicholas Polys and Peter Schickel for being re-elected, and Johannes Behr and Paul Keller as new organization board members.

Congratulations to Michael Aratow for being re-elected and Len Bullard as a new Professional board member.

The Web3D Consortium would also like to recognize the contributions and thank Mr. Anthony Parisi, Media Machines, co-Vice-President of the Web3D Consortium who is leaving the board.

Anita Havele
Executive Director, Web3D Consortium
Voice: 248 342 7662
Fax: 650 362 1943