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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bob Sutor's Blog

Bob Sutor's Blog


That is the URI for Bob Sutor's blog. Bob is a standards VP at IBM. Bob is very interested in virtual worlds and requirements for interoperable worlds. Following on the IBM strategy, Bob has been working with Second Life. On the other hand, Bob is aware of X3D and Collada. Historically, Bob has always valued open source and open standards and is a frequently quoted source on those topics particularly with regard to the Open Documents formats. Bob is, like me, of the second generation of SGMLers who contributed to XML, but don't let that sway you. ;-)

He is a good and reasonable man.

If you have a case to make regards those topics on virtual worlds, open standards, open source and 3D on the web, Bob is a good man to make them to on that blog which is his personal blog. Those interested should read his blogs on the topics of virtual worlds to get a sense of where he is in understanding the issues and what his interests and wishlist for the technology are. I suspect it is a reasoned view of many of IBM's positions although he naturally doesn't speak for his company.

After all of the hubbub over Open Documents, one might expect consistent reasoning about the need for open standards coupled with open source, and being an ambitious company, one would hope that IBM will also listen and learn.

Bob will. Take him on.

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