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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why Cheap 3D?

The 3D on the web movement has been going for over a decade now. It was created with a vision of 3D everywhere usable by everyone and buildable by anyone with the moxie and the chops. It wasn't intended to be a closed-server system dedicated to virtual world economies, or griefers, or Anshe or Phil or anyone else. It was intended to be yours to rule, yours to bind, yours to make, or yours to leave like your high school prom and on to the next adventure.

Lately it has become something only a venture capitalist can be proud of. Like everyone else that came before World of Warcraft or There Or Second, I can be both proud of their accomplishments and a little jealous. On the other hand, between every breath we take we have the opportunity to choose fear and despair, jealousy and envy, or Joy. I choose joy. I enjoy 3D. I enjoy building it, playing with it, and sharing it. So this blog is not about me particularly; it is about building 3D on the Web, cheaply, well and for any purpose you bring or want to bring or have to bring or just to do it.

But Do It Well. Quality matters. The early days of VRML and now SL, etc., are leaving a lot of crummy 3D out there for our children to laugh at. And make no mistake, 3D is our children's medium. They will do more with it than we ever can and they assume it will always be there. So this blog is just a Jump Street to their future. May they also choose joy.

This blog declares once again what the web needs to have a truly open royalty free global metaverse: Cheap 3D.

Get paid? As my hero of old, Alfred E. said, "What Me Worry?"

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