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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Public Service Announcement

We would like to pause from our regularly scheduled blog for a message from our station manager on behalf of the owners and operators of this blog.

Good evening. On behalf of the management and staff of this blog, I'd like to say a few words in response to public inquiries about the title, tenor and tone of this blog. The idea that CHEAP!! 3D indicates the quality, class, glamour and sexyness of the products of the VRML/X3D community are less than that of similar brands found elsewhere is a misunderstanding. This is not our intent and is not the meaning of our message.

CHEAP!! is our way of saying *accesible to all comers*. Getting into the 3D game market should not require that a young person or an old person give us their college tuition to buy a copy of 3D Max or sell the family dog. High quality content comes of the passion of the author, not the classiness and certainly not the cost of the toolkits.

The VRML/X3D community continues to offer its products in the same spirit as Bill Gaines offered Mad Magazine: for what you get, the price is STILL CHEAP!

In the beginning, the web was not created by the market plans of big companies. It was not financed by the major venture capital funds. It was not regulated into existence, and it was barely and badly designed. What it had was the passion, time, commitment and cheap free software created by a generation of college kids and teenagers charged up on Jolt Cola, big coffee, big dreams, and a lot of cheap pizza.

It is the policy of the management and staff of this blog that 3D is to the kids of today what rock n' roll was to the flower power children of the 60s. It is their mode of powerful and surreal expression. It it their thing, not our thing. The best we can do is hold a door open for them and let them go up that stairway to heaven behind it. Then get off the stage.

They need their own thing, not our thing. 3D is their thing.

There is heart in that. As the long tongued devil band KISS sang to us, "God gave rock n' roll to you. Put it in the soul of everyone!"

They need their easy lick cheap trick painted prophets too, and for them, it is games, virtual reality, and CHEAP 3D. Why? Because for the young, these are the terms they understand and can afford. Same as it was for us. Same as it always is in the beginning of a powerful art.

Pick up your prize.

Thank you for listening. We return you now to the regularly scheduled blog.

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